How to Reduce Ecological Footprint at Home?

Introduction We currently consume more resources than the Earth can produce. This is unfortunate, and we should learn how to reduce our ecological footprint at home to minimize the potential dangers with greater ease. Ecological footprint refers to the measure of the resources we consume. Remember that we would need approximately three more Earth-like planets if everyone on the Earth had the same ecological footprint as the average US citizen. Americans consume more than most people from less developed countries partly due to economic reasons.

What is the Meaning of Biodegradable?

What is the Meaning of Biodegradable? Elderly person near a polluted river. pexels If you’re planning to start an environmentally sustainable business, you should think about whether your packaging materials or products are biodegradable. That’s not all, though. Every humane organization, individual, or household has a role to play to help preserve the earth. Unfortunately, none of us can do this with ease if we allow the current mix-up regarding the meaning of ‘biodegradable’ to reign.